Our Mission

To train, equip and empower the African with the skills to lead meaningful and impactful life.

Mental Well-Being for Africa.

We believe in changing the narrative of the African. In transforming the lives of individuals and communities towards meaning, impact and fulfillment. We believe in journeying with you to the change you desire for yourself, your community or your business. We help you when you feel sad for weeks on end, when you need someone to talk to and when you need help thinking through specific challenges.

Founded in 2017, our organization is Accredited and Licensed to provide mental health care services in Eldoret, Kenya and Africa.

Our vision is to change the African narrative by having a continent whose men and women are mentally healthy.

The Team

We have a team of dynamic, diligent and highly qualified counselors, psychologists and social workers who share our belief and are committed to providing mental health care to the community. We also have A Referral Network of vetted mental health professionals whom we refer to for multidisciplinary approach to therapy.

Lead Psychologist

Serah Muindi

Serah is a Licensed Counseling Psychologist with 9 years experience in customizing care to the needs of both local and international clients.

Chief Technical Officer

James Mutiso

James has over 5 years experience developing and customizing software solutions for local and international organizations across multiple platforms.

Business Development

Esther Kananu

Esther has 6 years experience developing marketing strategies for international organizations. Her understanding of the global development ecosystem has set her apart in the marketing industry.