Am I Depressed? 6 Signs You Should Know About

You have heard it too many times.

The statement, “I am depressed.”

When it hit me that I might be depressed, I had been in bed for 4 weeks going to my fifth week.  Couldn’t stop crying and was literally doing nothing else.

My husband showed up towards the start of the fifth week and declared, “I need to talk to you!”

I beat him to it and said, “I need to see a Therapist. I think am depressed.”

How could I be though?

And we were expecting our second baby!!

I should be happy, I thought.

But, depression can do that to you. Take away all the ‘should’ feelings and give you a huge downpour of sadness.

So, how do I know that I am depressed?

Here are 6 signs

  1. Feeling overwhelmingly sad for two weeks or more. It turns out that depression is A MOOD DISORDER AND CAN GET YOU DOWN, SAD, WEEPY, TEARY for weeks without letting up.
  2. No interest or desire in things that you enjoyed before. You loved reading and could get lost in an author’s world for hours but now the stock pile of books in your house makes you FEEL NOTHING.
  3. Feeling hopeless, worthless, like you do not matter or worse, are trapped and cannot get out. The feeling that there is no need of trying to get up, shower, dress up, that all of those things are meaningless and of no value. Feeling like you are add no value to the world.
  4. Being withdrawn from people. Depression can make it exhausting to see people, let alone talk to them or interact with them. Such things are too much stimulus for your brain or being to handle. Being alone is so easy and effortless as you have no appearances or reputation to uphold, let alone smile when you want to brood for no reason in particular.
  5. Difficulty doing simple things like going to the toilet, brushing your teeth, making your bed, taking a shower, smiling. It all demands too much energy and you would rather not do it…. and usually don’t do it cause it’s too difficult. You are too exhausted.
  1. Having trouble concentrating…Like keeping up with conversation may be completely difficult. Focusing on a task may not work….Watching a movie may end up with you watching about 6 or 7 movies quarter way cause nothing seems interesting and neither can you concentrate.

You may not experience all these symptoms and in some instances you may experience some of them…However, now you know the signs and that you need to get mental health care assistance when you begin to experience any of the symptoms here.

It may be easier to drop us an email and talk to us about how you are feeling or simply ask how to receive care and treatment for depression.

So, Email your questions and let us help.

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