Steps to Overcoming Teenage Anger

As a teenager, or parent to one, you probably wonder where all the outbursts of anger come from and try hard as you might to control them, nothing seems to help.

So you move from one angry argument to another and most days are filled with these outbursts. During the few minutes of silence that you get to yourself, you may ask the question….

How do I overcome all this anger?

We gat you!!

This blog post shares 3 simple and practical steps for you to apply or share with your teen son or daughter. Better yet, send them the link………..

Step 1: Identify the REAL cause/trigger.


What is REALLY making you ANGRY?

 Is it the pressure to deal with school friends, which is really the mask that desire to be loved and accepted looks like or even fear of being rejected?


Is it the disappointment you know your parents will have when they discover some secret you have been keeping and so anger becomes the best cover?

Is it that you are hurt?

What is the REAL cause?


Step 2: Change how you communicate and express anger

Anger is an emotion and like many others, can be really overwhelming, especially in the heat of the moment.

However, instead of beginning the conversation with ‘You’

Like, ‘You really make my life difficult!!’

 Or, ‘You are the worst human being on the planet!!’

Begin going with ‘I’.


I am angry because……..

I feel hurt by………

I am disappointed by……………

Remember you are talking about and expressing the REAL issue.

Getting the hang of it may take a while, but the more you change how you express anger, the more control you have over it and overcoming it.

Step 3.  Solve the REAL Issue

So, You know the real problem and how to express it in a much better way. The next step is to find a solution.

Action point.

What can you do to solve the REAL cause of your angry feelings?

Who can help?


It makes no sense to master the first two steps and not do step 3 cause then you’re stuck in a cycle of always being angry. No teen wants that when there is so much more to life.

You may get the hang of the three and overcome teenage anger or you may need more help.

In case you do, reach out to us and send us an email.

In case you don’t, tell us what you think about this blog.

Was it helpful?

Was it terrible?

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