Its the fate of the corona virus that has led to lockdowns and stay at home regulations for our own safety.At this time you are probably questioning whether you will be able to get along with your “nagging”or “annoying” partner for 24 hours in the same house.

How about you stop and ANSWER THIS.

Why  do I have such a negative attitude towards my partner?

Why don’t we get along most of the time?

Have you ever asked yourself

 whether you understand your partner’s love laungauge or you just assume. OR, have no idea?


  1. Quality time with your partner

Spending time together doing your favorite activities like adventure or watching a movie together.

2. Acts of services to your partner

Sometimes we overload our partner with work hence once in a while doing something for your partner like cooking or washing the car makes them feel appreciated

3. Physical touch

There is that partner who feels loved through kissing and touching

4. Giving your partner gifts

You don’t have to wait for birthdays ,anniversaries or Valentines to gift your partner. Frequently gift him/her.

5. Words of affirmation.

Some people feel loved when their partner uses words like THANk YOU,THAT DRESS LOOKS PRETTY ON YOU AND I LOVE YOU.

Among the five languages there is one or two that your partner likes and there is one or two that you like. Speaking each other’s love language can be a new challenge for you during this time. Understanding each others love language strengthens the love bond and decreases marital conflicts and that is why practicing each other’s love language from time to time is crucial for your mental health and LOVE life.During this period try practicing and learning your partner’s love language instead of making the house a battle field

Written by

Maureen Kigoi

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