Away from Covid19 for a few minutes…..

Ever heard of the phrase “Campo ni raha tu!” (Campus is only about fun)

The life of a University student is full of ups and downs so, get ready to face as many challenges as other people do on the daily.

Well you would probably think you are going to a land full of milk and honey until you experience the real life there.

You will not always make sound decisions. Moving Away from Covid19 and all the unsound decisions you have made because of this pandemic.

Why the hell not?

Well, because your brain is still developing and therefore……..

The problems you face will probably cause you stress, anxiety, depression or even addiction if you don’t get help from parents, friends, mentors and professional counselors. You can find a few professional counselors here.

Challenges you will face in campus.

  1. Academic

You will constantly be under pressure from parents and lecturers to perform well.

Which is very great!!!


Because they want the best for YOU.


They forget that YOU and all other students in Campus have different learning abilities.

That is why they will want the grades regardless!!!

  1. Peer pressure

There is a lot of pressure within campus to do what “others are doing” or what is termed as a norm in your circle.

You will probably find yourself unable to resist due to fear of being JUDGED, being REJECTED and FEELING LIKE A LOSER.

The pressure can be wearing a certain dress code, drug abuse, skipping class, being a party-holic….. and the list goes on.

2. Financial constraints

You will become “broke” because you don’t know how to manage the money your parents sent.

Because you are still figuring out how to prioritize between needs and wants.

And loosing terribly.

3. Family issues


It will be difficult to focus on school work because of the stress of dealing with their drama.

Drug abuse, a little theft or prostitution might become very appealing escape routes from the reality of your family issues.

4. Toxic relationship

You will get yourself into one of these and stay in the name of “love.”

Or because you fear what people will say and how life will be without your partner.

You will probably go out of your way to please the boy or the girl in ways that make you suffer. If you are a man, you will use your shopping money to take your girlfriend out or buying her that shoe that she likes and go without food.

What is love really, if there is no sacrifice?

5. Time management

You will not be surprised when you will be reading one day to exams yet you had a whole three months to read bits by bits instead of staying up all night the night before exams and cramming.

You will probably SAY “It’s too early to start attending class or reading.”

Hence, waste most of YOUR TIME having fun and leisuring around, because YOLO!!.

Until everything starts to go down the drain and you begin asking yourself how you can deal with these challenges.

Tips on dealing with campus challenges.


Knowing what works for you academically.

Are you a class person?

Are you a group discussion person?

 Are you an individual reader?


If you feel you are being pressured walk away from that circle of friends. This is because having high self-esteem is a bonus as it is not easy NOT to follow the “crowd.” Like I am walking away from Covid19 and all devastating pandemic news because of my mental health.


Having a side hustle and saving will be very vital because you will have a planned budget and not spend money unnecessarily.


When you feel overwhelmed by issues happening at home, talk to a professional counselor so that they help you to cope with the situation.


Planning your time well so that you can carry out other activities and still find time to read.


If you are in a relationship and you feel the things you do are against your principles, WALK AWAY

Because eventually…….. it will break you into pieces.

Leaving you with regrets of ‘I wish I knew,’ but it will be too late as your name will already be tarnished.

A healthy relationship is one that helps YOU to grow and does not compromise your principles.

It also one where you can talk about your mental health

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Maureen Kigoi

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