I am about to loose my mind!!!!Corona has totally changed my life. If you are reading this you are probably starting to feel the effects of hair growing in unwanted places and communication and contact with people in the same space as you when you want them goooooone.  At least for a minute. The thought of finding a way on how not to loose my mind during COVID19 has started being very real.  I have also been thinking about single people who have no one in their space messing things up and how they are coping. I will do an article about that soon.

 If you have been thinking about taking care of your mental health and retaining the degree of sanity you have left, it may have occurred to you that many other people around the world are grappling with the same reality.

Knowing full well that uncertainty drives this pandemic and there is no surety of what tomorrow will look like for you.

I have read a lot of how tips but many of them don’t have any actual activities…oh and the others have not been tried.

Don’t even get me started on the ones that seem so far-fetched that we wonder if we are all living through the same pandemic.

I digress.

So, I am sharing the tips I AM APPLYING ON HOW NOT TO LOOSE MY MIND DURING COVID19 in hope that this will give you a new idea and you will share yours with me in the comment section.

The hacks.

  1. Taking a bath.

In the morning.

Credit: Medical News Today

When I wake up, the first thing I do is make breakfast. Then after eating, I put water for bathing to start boiling. (I use a kettle to boil the water) That is a story for another day. Anyway as the water boils, I start my morning exercise.

Taking a bath puts my mind in the space of productivity and a few more benefits. It tells my body that I do have control over how my body smells so I will take a proper bath and get dressed for the day. I will also take the small wins whenever I can. A bath, when going NOWHERE is a very BIIIIIG WIN!!

  • I watch a series until IT ENDS. This has had 2 effects. The first, I get so tired that my eyes just close themselves and my brain shuts down. The second is that it takes my mind away from the hopelessness of the day.

It’s fascinating how sanity ends up being tied to so many physical activities.

  • I tell positive affirmations to myself through the mirror. Since the first case of  #Rona was confirmed in Kenya (my beloved country), I have struggled to find my purpose and drive.

 To know what to do to have meaning and impact.  So, the mirror has been a constant reminder that I am ENOUGH.





Those 3 tips have got me through the disbelief and denial phase of this pandemic.

I will share a few others with more insights into the human mind and the other phases of crisis and the responses we go through.

You know, you and I are feeling the effects of this pandemic together in real time.

Taking it one step at a time and using the skills I have applied in getting through other crises, multiplying that by 100 and applying as many of those skills to coping with this pandemic is how I am dealing. Read this for some more insights on how to have a healthy relationship during this crisis.

What are YOU doing to answer the ‘How not to loose my mind during COVID19’ question?

Written by Serah Muindi.

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