Sibling Conflict can be a huge headache especially because you can’t go to another family. Are you tired of feeling like you are being deprived of your space and having constant arguments? YOU may be arguing or having”world war” over who will

Clean the dishes?

Do the cooking?

Baby sit that infant?

Control the remote as you all have different programmes that you love watching?

Your precious things(perfume, jewelry,clothes,electronics and books) being used without your permission and handled recklessly?

sibling conflict

You are probably wondering when this mandatory quarantine (read mental lockdown) will be over so that you can resume your normal routine.

Possibly go back to school, campus or work so you don’t have to deal…

Here are some tips on how you can manage sibling conflict:

Having boundaries

When there are no boundaries with your siblings they can do anything.Creating boundaries makes them aware that you don’t like some behavior like using your electronics without permission. You create boundaries by communicating what is acceptable and what is UNACCEPTABLE behavior..

If your new stereo system is out of bounds, say it!!!

Draw the red line.

Having a work schedule

Having a schedule on who will wash the utensils, clean the house,cook and baby sit is bonus.


Because everyone will stick to the duty accorded to them on a daily basis hence avoiding conflicts

Also, no one feels like they are being used since everyone gets to do both what they looove and what they haaattee.

Sibling arises when one sibling seems favoured by being allowed to only do what they like.

Having a dialogue

If things are not working well have a dialogue.

Talk about the uprising problem and come up with solutions instead of fighting or abusing each other.

Once the tension dies down and you can all have a rational conversation, talk about what is causing the fights and sibling conflict between you.

Sometimes, you have to mediate between your siblings who can’t seem to go a day without getting into a fight.

What else would you add about these sibling conflict drama?

How do you get through the fights without killing each other?

Especially if you do not know that there is therapy in Africa.

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