Interview with Dr. Chitayi Murabula on Depression

When we started the conversation, I was amazed that I had actually gotten a chance to engage Dr. Chitayi Murabula, a Consultant Psychiatrist and head of mental health department at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Dr. Chitayi Murabula

If you have sought mental health care in this country you know how booked Psychiatrists are and so I had to thank him profusely for making time.

He was actually in Mombasa, Kenya facilitating a Conference and so creating time for the I Support Mental Health Initiative was very humbling.

The interview begin with Dr. Chitayi dropping a surprising sneak peak at his previous career where he had been a trade unionist

He and a few other doctors set up Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists UNION(KMPDU) and from the excitement on his face, I could tell he was very proud of his role.

If you have heard about doctors’ strikes in Kenya and the perks they have received thanks to lobbying by KMPDU, you can send a thank you message to Dr. Chitayi for making it possible over 9 years ago.

His passion for mental health was very clear from how he answered the questions and the direction he took the conversation in.

Now, A huge take away was that you need to know what your role is when it comes to your mental health and that of your loved ones and also what your LIMITATION is.

You are not superhuman.

It only means that the skills and support you had have stopped working so you need the help of a professional.

You know how alive you get when talking about something you love and have a passion for?

Well, I could tell that Doc has a deep passion for adolescents and teenagers and when he started talking about the changes that need to happen in the education system to help students…

You could TELL….

I could picture him talking to a principal somewhere and recommending the approach to be taken to better help students

Being a professional therapist, I wanted him as a Psychiatrist to share about therapy because most professionals in both spaces have this rivalry thing that goes on at a sublime level

And would you believe it,

He was so categorical in saying that all professionals should embrace one another and cater for your holistic wellbeing from biology, the body to the mind.

I almost clapped my hands in agreement.


You know when you talk to a high level professional you have to make sense!!!

Even your questions must have weight.

So our conversation continued in such a simple way that you would understand mental health and specifically depression.

Well you can check out the actual interview here.

Whether you are an ordinary citizen or a professional in the mental health space, this video will make sense and add value to you.

Hooooooooold up!!

Now before you go off, also checkout #mentalhealth254 and discover what Psychiatrists in this nation of Kenya are doing about mental wellness.

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