Initiative Professionals

We celebrate the Counselors that provided free counseling services to 50 youth in 2021. The youth had been deeply affected by COVID19 and could not afford counseling services despite needed them direly. This is a list of the incredible Professionals that choose to help. They are our heroes.

Initiative Professionals | I Support Mental Health Initiative -2021
IMG_20210328_172142 - Antonia Karaini

Antonia Karaini

Counseling Psychologist passionate about helping the youth navigate life challenges.

IMG_20210409_125244 - AUMA BRENDA

Beatrice Brenda Auma Otieno

 Counseling Psychologist with a passion for helping people dealing with mental health concerns due to terminal/chronic illness. I volunteer at Faraja Cancer Support

20210412_093614 - Endeleo Spark

Carmilla Edalia

Counseling Psychologist with emphasis on the thematic area of trauma and the age group 16 to 39 years. I am a trainer of life and business skills having trained over 500 youth since 2015 and 4 small businesses. I’m an award winning facilitator and a continuous learner . 


Caroline Wangeshi Ouma

Mental Health Provider and Fertility Awareness Educator.

Caroline Ouma is a woman of faith, a wife, a mother, a scientist, a counselling psychologist and fertility awareness educator. She is passionate about women’s mental and reproductive health.  She wants to change the world by educating women on their mental and reproductive health and show them how this impacts their productivity, their family life and ultimately the legacy they want to leave behind.
DSC00887 - Hopewell Counseling Firm

Charity Mutuku

Charity Mwende is an accredited psychologist with 5 years experience in addressing issues such as depression, anxiety and stress.  Charity is a Trainee of Trainers (T.O.T) on Trauma and debriefing. She has a passion for helping youth change their narratives by addressing issues that affect their mental health. 

IMG20220322233538 (1)

Elizabeth Kimondo

Elizabeth is  a wife, mother, grandmother and practicing counseling psychologist and published author. Her work is founded on integrated Christian and family values with over 16 years of experience. She is a certified Biblical Counselor, CBT practitioner, certified spiritual coach, Life coach. Neuro-Linguistic practitioner and Mindfulness coach. She is passionate about using her skills in helping others overcome their mental and emotional obstacles and achieve their full potential.
KIM_5734 - Elizabeth Owino

Elizabeth Akinyi Owino

I am a lecturer in Education Psychology, School of Education, Moi University, Kenya for the last thirteen years as a teacher of counseling and psychology to both undergraduate and post graduate students. I hold a PhD in Psychology with a bias towards social and emotional development of children and the youth. I also have a masters in Guidance and Counseling and a Higher Diploma in Counseling Psychology. I am a mentor and counselor to children and the youth and a mental health advocate.

me - Goodwyl Omondih

Goodwill Omondi Ng’ong’o

Goodwill Omondi is a professional counselor and a police officer, a co-founder of Play for Health Africa initiative.  His passion is to bring healing to individuals who have undergone traumatic events/stress and to help them find healthy perception of themselves. He is a certified life coach and a trainer of trainers. Goodwill is proud for being among the first counselors who partnered with the Ministry of Health in offering psycho-social support to health workers from Kenyatta National Hospital during the onset of COVID-19 Pandemic.

_SKA9008 - Grace Kasiva

Grace Kasiva Munyao

I am a licensed associate counselor (KCPA). I have been actively working with the age group of 18-35 years offering psychosocial support. I am also passionate about giving talks and training on issues mental health. I believe that each person can live life without the burden of pain and/or the past.

IMG_6385 - Irene Onyango

Irene Onyango

I am an Education Counselor, Psychology and Sociologist graduate. My passion is in counselling  people of various ages and walking with them through the challenges of life. I love working with people from different cultures and understand how to apply this in counseling.

profile pic -corazon - Corazon Okinyo

Jane Corazon Okinyo

Clinical psychologist working with trauma clients. Have previous experience of working with young people

IMG-20210315-WA0021 - jane njagi

Jane Wawira Njagi

I am a psychological counselor with a passion for supporting the youth. I am also a Mediator and help people in conflict resolve those conflicts amicably. 

Joyce Wangari Ngugi Photo (2) - Joyce Wangari

Joyce Wangari Ngugi

I have made it really easy to get to know me any my work. Participating in offering free counseling services to youth affected by COVID19 is certainly a good cause in my book.

IMG-20210201-WA0004 - Mary Gitau

Mary Gitau

Mary is a leading suicide prevention and self-harm expert, approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS), Mental health coach and an accredited online suicide Intervention specialist .Her passion is in driving systemic change across the communities, workplace, EAP and mental workforce contexts. She has clinical skills in suicide specific assessment, formulation, intervention. She holds an MA in Counselling Psychology and an on going MA in suicidology as well as BA in Human Resources Management. She has a successful counselling practice, Sits as a board of trustee at Tushinde and is a Co-Founder of the Centre for Suicide Research & Intervention (CSRI). 

IMG_20210326_181619 - mercy marete

Mercy Thirindi Marete

Mercy is a  Psychological Counseling passionate about meeting the mental wellbeing needs of the youth. She holds an M.ed in Guidance and Counseling and enjoys working with young people. Mercy enjoyed offering free counseling services to young people and being part of positive social impact.

FB_IMG_15865090218007469 - Daniella Nashipae

Nashipae Daniellah Kabindio

As a psychologist, I have a with a heart for helping the youth. My passion is in supporting them to become mentally healthy. I am an avid mental health advocate. Offering free counseling services through this Initiative was a humbling opportunity to give back.


Sally Jeruto Masai

Sally is a qualified professional counselor/teacher. She feels contended when supporting people with loss and grief. She graduated from Moi University with guidance and counseling (Education Psychology). She is also a member of counselor and psychologist society of Kenya.

Sophia Picture - Sophia Mugendi

Sophia Mwende Mugendi

I am an accredited Counselor (KCPA) with vast knowledge and skills in counseling. I have work experience spanning over 7 years in counseling youths, adolescents and adults in Kenya. Passionate in charity work, women and girls support groups, peer mentorship and peer leadership.

IMG_20210521_170607_703 - STEPHEN OCHIENG

Stephen Ochieng Omollo

He is a qualified counselor with a degree in counseling psychology, and a certified addiction counselor level 2 with ICAP. I have seven years of experience in leading individual counseling, group counseling and psycho education.  My expertise is in identifying, monitoring evolving behavioral pattern and growth impairments in individuals through counseling sessions, helps in achieving both client and counseling goals.

16192521222224227432291127427838 - victoria gitau

Victoria Wanjiku Gitau

Victoria is an Associate Counselor, with a heart for young people. Offering them mental health services is her passion. She is excited to offer free counseling services through this Initiative.

IMG_20210329_183330_253 - vivian munialo

Vivian Munialo

I am a Kenyan citizen holding a credit diploma in counselling psychology I love supporting people and giving hope I am also a (HTS) Hiv Testing Service provider I would love to get this opportunity to help serve more people, learn and gain experience too in my area of expertise.

IMG-20210424-WA0016 - Hopewell Counseling Firm

Winfred Nonjo

Winfred is an Accredited Counselor with 16 years of experience. Her areas of expertise are Marriage and Family Counseling, Loss and Gtief Counseling, Sexuality and Corporate Counseling.

Document 5 - zachary oino1024_1

Zachary Oino Asiago

Zachary has nine years counseling experience working in drug addiction. He handles psychological related issues such as depression, postpartum depression and anxiety. Being a passionate mental health he also offers e-counseling sessions. He holds has a bachelors degree and a diploma in Psychological Counseling. He is also the founder of ExcelZerenity Counseling Centre.

IMG_20200907_201735_726 - Joseph musyoki

Joseph Musyoki

Passionate on matters mental health issues where offering counseling, psycho-social support and training youths on life skills gives me satisfaction on achievement of behavioral change. My desire is to be a pillar in the society in the application of counseling skills and techniques in helping alleviate the challenges of living on issues of mental health.