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individual session

Individual sessions

Your individual session is focused on meeting the specific needs that you bring to therapy. It usually helps if you have an idea of what you want out of the process.

An individual session usually takes 1 hour and you can have one session a week or one session every two weeks. You make this decision together with your therapist depending on the assessment and concerns brought to therapy.

Termination of the sessions also depends on agreement between both you and your therapist.

Couple’s Therapy

For you as a couple, your relationship is the client. Our Couple’s therapy sessions focus on helping both of you through the rising concerns and coming to the best decisions concerning your relationship.

You will receive support to equip both of you to work through the concerns that bring you to therapy.
Usually a session takes 1hr 30min and you both need to be aware that therapy is not about taking sides but about helping improve your relationship.
Couple's Therapy
Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling

As a parent, you can enroll your teen for therapy depending on concerns you observe or based on recommendation from your teen’s school. Usually teen counseling sessions may be 2 or 3 in a week depending on the time available to the teen vis a vis the school calendar.

As the parent, you will work closely with your teen’s counselor so as to be better equipped on how to help your teen. You will also receive a Recommendation letter after the sessions end in the situation where your teen has been referred for counseling by the school.
Teenage hood is a transition period that comes with various challenges so we encourage that you have an open mind to the changes your teen is going through as we work together to help.

Corporate Wellness

As an employer, an Employee Assistance Program helps your business or organization navigate workplace challenges and ensure your team works together to grow the business or organization.

You will work closely with our counselors to develop an Employee Assistance Program for your business /organization. We provide trainings on areas like stress management, team dynamics, and communication for growth.
You will also receive therapy sessions for your staff and support during crisis to get you through with your staff’s mental wellbeing cared for.
Corporate Wellness