Our Mission

Kizazi Program aims to support 10,000 public high school students in 2024 through:

Equipping students to support their peers

Empowering students with knowledge on basic counseling

Supporting the Counseling Department with critical cases

The Package involves training on

Basic Counselling skills

Problem-solving and Conflict resolution skills

Peer Pressure and character development

Transformational Leadership

Benefits of Kizazi

Enhanced mean score in Academic Performance

Reduced addiction, drug, and substance abuse

Empowered and Resilient Educators

Referral system for students

How it works

Needs assessment with Administration

Delivery of services by Hopewell Firm

Feedback, reviews, and recommendations

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We meet you where you are

The Kizazi Program equips students with vital skills to navigate challenges and support peers. By investing in future generations, the Kizazi Program tackles stigma and builds resilience in young Kenyans.

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Kizazi FAQs

1. What is the Kizazi Program?

A peer training initiative by Hopewell Firm that equips 10,000 public high school students in 2024 with basic counseling skills, mental health awareness, and peer support techniques.

2. Why is the Kizazi Program needed in schools?

Many young students face mental health challenges, impacting their well-being and academics. Limited access to affordable mental health services and the stigma surrounding the topic make peer support crucial.

3. What are the benefits of the Kizazi Program for schools?

The program empowers students to support their peers, reduces stigma, and equips educators with a referral system for students needing help. This can lead to a more positive school environment and improved academic performance.

4. How does the Kizazi Program work?

We collaborate with school administration to assess needs and deliver a 2-day training program with practical sessions and engaging activities.

5. What does the Kizazi Program cover?

The program trains students in basic counseling skills, problem-solving, conflict resolution, peer pressure resistance, and mental health first aid while promoting transformational leadership qualities.