How to Talk About Your Mental Health

How to Talk About Your Mental Health

A few months back, a friend asked me, ‘How is your heart?’


I took a few minutes before responding to check in on my heart and then respond. She wasn’t the kind of person to give the superficial answer we always give when people ask after us.

When talking about your mental health, the first thing is to take a minute to check in with yourself and see how you are actually doing.

Talking about mental health is not always about what is wrong with you.


What mental illness are you battling?

NO…It’s the answer to how are you REALLY?

The honest response that causes you to take a pause and actually access yourself and then say how you are.

Talk about where your mind is at lately. Tell him/her/them where your head is at.

What your thoughts are about.

Talk about how you feel….Your emotions..

Where are they at/ What feeling comes to your heart constantly?

Whether it’s a great or terrible feeling is beside the point.
The point is how do you feel, REALLY?

How have you been behaving/ What do your thoughts and feelings lead to you doing?

Are you in control of those behaviors or do they take over and make you feel like they have a mind and body of their own?

This is where you start the conversation.

So, the next time you hear that question…


Take a pause and actually do a quick check and tell the person asking where your thoughts, emotions and behaviors are at…

Drop your question in the comment section or email them and let’s talk about this and everything in between.

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